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How to convert a Raster Image into a Vector Artwork in Adobe Illustrator?

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

The image which consists of pixel is called the Rater Image and the artwork created in the Illustrator is a Vector Artwork and it does not contain pixels. It is made up of points. The benefit is that you can stretch your artwork to any size and the quality of the artwork will not be affected.

Today you will learn to create a Vector Artwork from a Raster Image and for that you have to first select an image which you want to convert. So be quick and finalize an image.

If you are done with the image then let’s begins the tutorial.

Step 1

Create the document and click on File in the Menu Bar. Now click on Place and browse the image which you want to create into a vector artwork. Select the image and then click on the workspace to insert the image.

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

If required you can crop the image inserted with the help of Crop Image Button and you can resize it.

Step 2

After inserting the image and setting its size, lock the image. You can either hit Ctrl + 2 or go to the Layer Panel and lock the image layer.

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

Step 3

After locking the image, remember to disable the fill by selecting No Fill and choose a stroke of dark color.

Now Select the Pen Tool form the Tool Panel to start drawing. Create an anchor point by clicking on any part of the image but only that part which you want to draw. The image which I have selected is an image of a character from a popular game. I will start by drawing his helmet. So I will create the anchor point by clicking on the outer line of the helmet.

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

You can Zoom In to see the image properly and create perfect paths to outline the image. You can see in the above image how I have Zoomed In the image and created the path.

Step 4

In the same way, trace whole of the area which you are drawing. Remember to create close ended paths otherwise you will not be able to fill the colors properly, i.e., the end anchor point of the path should meet the starting anchor point of the path. (See the below image)

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

Step 5

When you will trace whole of the parts of the image, your outlines created on the image will look like this as shown in the below image.

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

Press Ctrl + A and then Click on Group Button in the Properties Panel to group all the paths. With the help of Selection Tool drag the Grouped Path away from the image.

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

Color Time

As your image has been traced and all the outlines have been created now it’s time to color it. You can either use Eyedropper Tool or you can fill color of your own choice.

After filling color, Unlock the image layer and delete it and place your artwork on the artboard.

Vector Artwork from a Raster Image

 You can see the whole process of creating a Vector Image from the Raster Image in the below link-

Practice this method and convert any image to a vector image.

Share this tutorial with others and give feedback in the comment section.

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