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How to create a Fur effect on text in Adobe Illustrator?

Fur effect in Adobe Illustrator

We all love fur whether it is on coat or on accessories. You have seen real fur but today you will learn to create fur effect on text in Adobe Illustrator.

You must be excited to learn this effect so let’s get started.

Step 1
First draw a non-compound open path letter. You can also type a letter with the Type Tool and convert it into an open path. Let’s type a letter ‘C’.

It is a compound closed path so we will make it a non-compound open path. For that select the letter C and then click on Create Outline button in the Properties Panel. Then select the Direct Selection Tool.

Now select No Fill in the fill options and select the strokes. Right click on the Eraser Tool and select the Scissor Tool. With the help of the scissor tool click on the anchor points marked in the below image. Double click on the letter to activate the isolation mode and then click on the path, which has been cut with the help of the scissor tool, to select it. Once the path is selected, press the backspace button. Do the same with the other paths and obtain a single path as shown in the below image.

After obtaining the single open path, select it and click on Ungroup and then click on Release.

Step 2

Draw two small circles with the Ellipse Tool and fill them with color and disable the strokes. Select both the circles and click on Blend Tool. Then click on the center point of one circle and then click on the center point of another circle to blend them.

Step 3

Now select the blend created and the open path of the letter. Then click on Object in the Menu Bar and place the cursor on Blend. Select Replace Spine.

Step 4

Now is the time to create the fur effect. Select the letter and click on Effect in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Distort and Transform and select Pucker and Bloat. A Pucker and Bloat window will appear on the artboard. Set the Pucker to -14% or you can set it according to you.

Now again click on Effect and place the cursor to Distort and Transform and select Roughen. The Roughen Window will appear on the artboard. Set Size to 12%, Detail to 100/in and Points to Smooth. With this you will get your fur effect.

Now practice this effect by creating other open paths and use different colors to blend. Give your artwork a new look by this effect.

Give your feedback in the comment section and share this tutorial with others.


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