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How to draw a diamond shape in Adobe Illustrator?

Diamond Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Drawing is fun in Illustrator if you know the correct use of tools.

In my previous tutorial I had taught you to draw a basic cloud shape with help of Shape Tools and today you will learn to draw a simple diamond shape.

Diamond Shape can be drawn either with the Pen Tool or with Shape Tools.

We will draw the diamond shape with the help of different Shape Tools.

Let’s begin.

Start your Adobe Illustrator and create a document. Press Shift + Ctrl + H to hide the artboard. Click on View in the Menu Bar and enable Show Grid. Again click on View and this time enable Snap to Grid.

Step 1

Now move your cursor on Rectangle Tool and right click. Select The Polygon Tool and draw a polygon. You will see a small square in the bounding box of Polygon (Marked in the image below). Place your cursor on it and there will be a +/- sign at the bottom of the cursor. When you see this sign, with left click drag it towards right to form a triangle.

Note: Select NO FILL in the Fill.

Step 2

After forming the triangle shape, select the triangle and move your cursor near any corner of the bounding box. A rotation arrow will appear, with left click rotate the triangle and place it in the same way as it is in the below image. The bounding box of your triangle will cover the area of 12 square grids.

Step 3

Select the triangle and press Ctrl + C to copy the triangle and then press Ctrl+ F to paste the triangle in front. Now go to the Layer Panel (Right side of the workspace) and select the copy of the triangle created. You can check below image to find out how to select the newly formed triangle.

Now with left click drag and transform the selected triangle. The area of the bounding box will be reduced to 6 square grids. Place the transformed triangle in the center of the first triangle. (See above image)

Step 4

Select Rectangle tool by pressing M (shortcut key) and draw a rectangle. The width of the rectangle will be 144 points and height will be 72 points.

Place the rectangle just above the triangle. (See below image)

Step 5

With the help of Polygon Tool, draw a triangle again. Place the triangle inside the rectangle. One edge of the triangle will be touching the center point of upper side of the rectangle and other two edges of the triangle will be touching the corners of the bottom side of the rectangle. The below image will show you how the triangle is placed in the rectangle.

Step 6

Make a duplicate copy of the triangle which is placed inside the rectangle. To duplicate the triangle, select the triangle and press Alt key and drag the triangle.

Now select the duplicate triangle and in the Transform Panel change the angle to 225 degree.

Now change the size of the triangle as shown in the image below and again make a duplicate copy of the resized triangle. Select the duplicate copy and click on Flip Along Horizontal Axis.

Place both the triangles on left and right side of the rectangle.

To hide the grids click on View in the Menu Bar and click on Hide Grids and in the same way disable Snap to Grid.

Coloring the diamond

By placing triangles on both side of the rectangle you have finished drawing the diamond shape. Now it’s time to color your diamond.

If you remember, in the starting, we had changed the Fill to NO FILL. Now double click on the fill in the Tool Panel and Color Picker window will appear. Pick your color from the color picker window and color your diamond.

Note: Press Ctrl + A to select the whole diamond.

You can also use the Gradient Tool to give color shades to your diamond.

To save your artwork, click Ctrl + S.

Try this diamond shape, give your feedback and share this tutorial with others.


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