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How to draw a Heart Shape in Adobe Illustrator?

Heart Shape in Adobe Illustrator

 In today’s tutorial, you will learn to draw a heart shape with the help of Rectangle Tool and Ellipse Tool. It’s effortless to draw the heart shape with the help of these two tools.

Next time while creating a card for your loved ones you will find it easy to draw the heart shape by following the below steps:


After creating a document, click on Rectangle Tool in the Tool Panel or hit M (Shortcut key).
Now draw a rectangle of height and width of your choice. After drawing the rectangle, move your cursor on Rectangle Tool and right click. Select the Ellipse Tool and draw a circle.

The diameter of the circle must be equal to the width of the rectangle. Now select the circle and drag it on the top of the rectangle. Place the circle in such a way that the center of the circle is on the center point of the top side of the rectangle. Please refer the below image.


Now press Ctrl + A to select the circle and rectangle. Click on Unite in the Pathfinder Panel to form a compound shape.

When you will select the circle and rectangle shape, the pathfinder panel will appear in the properties panel. If not, then click on Window option in the Menu bar and select Pathfinder and the Pathfinder Panel will appear on your workspace.

Now select the compound shape created and press and hold the Alt key. At the same time with left click; drag the selection to make a duplicate copy of it.


After making the duplicate copy of the compound shape, select any one of the shape. After selection, right click on your mouse. A window with many options will appear. Move your cursor on Transform and select Rotate.

Click on Rotate and a window will appear. (See the below image) You will see an Angle option in that window. Change the angle to 45 degree and click OK.

Now change the angle of another compound shape in the same way but the angle for this shape will be -45 degree.


Now select one compound shape and drag it over another shape. Place it in the same way as it is placed in the image below.

Press Ctrl + A and click on Shape Builder Tool. Move your cursor to the selection you will notice a plus sign below the cursor. With left click move the cursor inside the selection to join the shapes.

The red line is the result of the shape builder tool. Release left click. Now press and hold Alt key and you will see a minus sign at the bottom of your cursor. When you see this minus sign move your cursor on the extra shape which you want to delete. With left click, click on the shape to delete it.

In the same way delete another extra shape and finally you have got your Heart shape.

Now align your heart shape to the center. Click on Windows in Menu Bar and enable Align. You will see Align Panel on your workspace.

Select the heart shape and click on Horizontal Align Center and then click on Vertical Align Center. 
Your heart shape will be placed at the center of your artboard.

Now color the heart shape.

Practice this heart shape and create a card for your loved ones.

Share this tutorial with others so that they can also learn to draw a Heart shape in Illustrator.


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