Deer Logo in Adobe Illustrator

 Deer Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Today we will draw a minimalist logo in Adobe Illustrator with the help of the Rectangle ToolEllipse ToolShape Builder Tool, and Pen Tool.


The minimalist logo eliminates all the extra shapes and fonts keeping the logo simple and clear. Keeping this point in mind we will make a Deer Logo in Adobe Illustrator.

You will find this logo design process easy to draw by following the below steps-

Step 1

First, launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document.

Now turn off the Fill color and select the Stroke color.

Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a small rectangle on the artboard. We will draw a small rectangle because we are drawing a logo icon which is minimal in nature.


Step 2

Now select the Ellipse Tool and draw two small circles of the same size and place them at the bottom side corners of the rectangle. (See the image below)


Step 3

Press Ctrl + 2 to select all the shapes on the artboard. Then select the Shape Builder Tool and press & hold the Alt key. You will see a minus sign in the cursor. Move the cursor over the circles and the area of the rectangle covered inside the circles to remove them.


We have created the face of the Deer Logo.

Step 4

In this step, we will draw deer horns with the help of a Pen Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, and Scissor Tool.

Right-click on the Rectangle Tool in the Tool Panel and select the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Then draw a small rounded rectangle above the face of the deer.

Now select the Scissor Tool and click on the left and right side anchor points.

The rounded rectangle shape is now cut into two parts. Select the upper part and remove it. Then select the Pen Tool and draw few stroke lines to complete the horns of deer.

Step 5

Press Ctrl + A to select the Deer Logo. Now open the Strokes Panel and increase the Stroke Weight.

Also select Round Caps and Round Joins in the Strokes Panel.

Step 6

Now draw a background, with the help of the Rectangle Tool, for your Deer Logo. Also, change the stroke color and apply some glowing effect to the minimalist logo.

This is how you can create Deer Logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Practice this step by step logo process and share this adobe illustrator tutorial with others.

Also, share your valuable feedback in the comment section.


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