What is a Logo?

We all come across millions of logos in our day to day life but have you ever gave a thought about what is a logo and what it represents?

Today I will give an insight into the logo.

What is a Logo?


In simple words, Logo is a design or symbol which represents a company. It comprises of images or text which helps in memorizing the brand name.

If we give a detailed look at the definition of the logo, then it is a distinctive graphic mark, symbol, sign, or emblems conveying the nature and purpose of the company or a brand name.

The History of Logo

  • The credit for the the invention of the logo is given to Ancient Egyptians. They have developed hieroglyphs, a stylized picture of an object representing a word, symbol, or sound, to represent their possession of domestic animals.

Image source: Artyfactory

  • In 2700 BC, Ancient Romans used hot iron rods to brand their livestock. Similarly, in America, farmers used to mark their animals to signify their ownership.

Image source: Wikipedia

  • In 520 BC, Ancient Greeks have also contributed to the history of the logo, where coins marked with owl were used by rulers, and manufacturers used to mark their pottery to give it an identity.

Image source: Wikipedia

  • In the Middle Ages, images were engraved into shields, carried in battles to show loyalty towards the royal family.

Image source: pngbarn.com

  • The 1870s brought the current era of logo design with the first abstract logo of Bass Brewer. It was a red triangle with a sweeping cursive text beneath it.

Image source: Logopedia Fandom

And soon it becomes a trend for companies to symbolize their brand name in the form of the logo.


Now let's have a look What does a logo do for a company?


  • The main purpose of a logo is to give an identity to a company and its products. In other words, a logo is a visual representation of the company.
  • It helps the company to stand out in the competitive market
  • A good logo helps in providing key information about the company

  • A logo is the face of the company for its customers, which helps to depict the clear meaning of the mission of the company.
  • A good and interesting logo helps in driving more customers.

Characteristics of a Good Logo

A logo should be such that it leaves an impression in the viewer's minds. Let's see other characteristics of a good logo -


Types of Logo

1. Logo Symbols/ Pictorial Marks

These types of logos purely consist of an icon or graphic that resembles the company or brand. When we think of such types of logos what comes in our mind are Nike Logo, Target Logo, Apple Logo, and many more.

The Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols represent the company uniquely and boldly. These types of logos are easily recognizable but at the same time, they can be a tricky logo type for companies. The companies should keep in mind that the symbol or icon should be simple, clear, unique, and stylized.

A great pictorial mark can be easily recognized in millions of logos if created as per the elements of designing. Such types of logos help a company to build a brand image in people's minds in the long run.

Example of Logo Symbols:

Pictorial Marks-Logo-Symbols-Apple-Logo-Nike-logo

2. Wordmarks/ Logotypes

As the name depicts, Wordmarks are logos built on words only. The main focus of such a logotype is on typography. Therefore, the correct use of the typeface is really very important while designing a unique wordmark.

Wordmarks are logos that spell out the company or brand name. These types of logos are a kind of stylized typeface. They work great for companies with a distinct name.

Google's logo is the best example of this type of logo. the company name is memorable and the typography is strong and catchy.


3. Lettermarks/ Monogram Logo

Monogram Logos or Lettermarks are similar to Wordmarks as they are also typography-based logos but with a difference that this type of logos consists of initial letters of the company name or the brand name.

In other words, Monogram Logos or Lettermarks are typography-based logos that are in the abbreviated form of the company name.

McDonald's logo can be considered as an example of a Monogram Logo.


4. Emblem

The emblem is the oldest type of logo but is still in demand. This type of logo is made up of text inside an icon or symbol. They have a traditional appearance with a striking impact.

The emblem contains a lot of details. Universities and school logos are examples of Emblems and we can see many details in these logos. Since Emblems consist of so many details, such types of logos must be designed after great research.


5. Combination Mark

Combination Mark is a combination of two types of logos;i.e; a combination of word and icon. Some wee known combination mark logos are Unilever Logo, Taco Bell, Lacoste, and many more.

Combination Mark is a dual functional logo that means a company can either use the icon or the word and still stand identifiable in the market.


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