Yoga Logo in Adobe Illustrator

 Yoga Logo in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s tutorial, we will learn an easy to draw Yoga Center based logo design process. We will use the Pen Tool, Transform Effect, and Ellipse Tool to create a Yoga Logo in Adobe Illustrator.


Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now follow the below-mentioned step by step drawing process:

Step 1

Select the Ellipse Tool from the Tool Panel and draw a circle in the middle of the artboard.


I have filled the circle with a green gradient.

Step 2

Now select the Pen Tool and draw a leaf shaped curve stroke as shown in the below image.


Step 3

Now select the stroke drawn and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Then place the cursor on Transform and select Reflect.


In the Reflect dialogue box, select Vertical Axis and click on Copy.


Select the stroke created with the help of reflection on the vertical axis and place it as shown in the below image.


Step 4

Now, make a Horizontal Axis reflection of the shape created in the above steps.



Now drag the shape and place it as shown in the below image.


Step 5

Select all the leaf-shaped strokes and group them. (Ctrl + G)

Now select the group and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Transform and select Rotate.


Now, make a rotation at the Angle of 400. Check the Preview and then click OK.



Press Ctrl + D as many times as you want to repeat the rotation.

(I have pressed 7 times.)

Step 6

And at last, you will end up with this design.


Now, you can draw any yoga posture or meditation icon in the center and you are done with your Yoga Logo in Adobe Illustrator.


you can change the color combination, it's just one example of logo. Practice this illustrator tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this Yoga Logo with others.


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